General Terms and Conditions

The below stated Terms and Conditions govern your use of the Dream Storm Printing Company website ( By using these services it constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions and creates a binding legal agreement.

My Gallery Image Storage

We do not charge for the storage of images on our website. Images uploaded will remain there for at least 90 days. By completing an order a new 90 days will be started for all images contained in the order. However images maybe deleted if you, or content uploaded by you, or any user of your account are found to be in violation or the Terms and Conditions.

The Dream Storm Printing Guarantee

We strive to meet a 100% customer satisfaction of our products and services. If your order has been found to have defects or poor workmanship we will replace that item free of charge. We cannot be responsible for: images printed larger than the stated recommendation, images of poor quality due to insufficient resolution, images that are under or over exposed, and images with incorrect focus. Images enlarged may show increased imperfections in the resulting prints. Unless one of the color corrections options is selected in your order we are not responsible for color correctness, and may not be available for reprint free of cost. It is possible for digital files to be corrupted during transfer, if we suspect a damged, incomplete, or corrupted file we will attempt to contact the customer before printing the image. Correct and up to date contact information is very important because of these issues.

Return Policy

Please contact us within 15 days of your purchase if you are not satisfied with your order. Your order maybe reprinted and shipped to you free of charge. Please see " The Dream Storm Printing Guarantee" for conditions and details.

Refund Policy

If we are unable to complete your order in a reasonable amount of time you may request a refund of your order. An item found to have defects or poor workmanship, under the conditions found in " The Dream Storm Printing Guarantee", maybe replaced before a refund is offered.

Cancellation Policy

We do not have an allowed cancellation period. Most prints are started and completed same day as purchased. However if we receive a cancellation request before production of your order has started we will be happy to complie. Note changes to an order may not require a cancellation, please contact us if changes are needed. An order is not terminated unless you recieve conformation from us.

Privacy of your information

Orders placed on the DreamStormPrints website are processed using encryption, your credit card information is not stored on our server. Additionally we do not share, sell, trade, or give your information to anyone other than a financial organization and only for the sole purpose of processing your order. Your information is password protected and maintained on a secure server which performs regular security updates.

Payment Types

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, and American express as forms of payment. Your card will be charged when placing your order.

Printing and processing Time

We wish to get your order to you as soon as possible. We however will not short cut a process simple to get the order out. We follow very strict processes to insure the best results. Prints are air dried in a clean environment 24 hrs after printing before either a liquid varnish or over laminate maybe applied. This allows the inks to stabilize before proceeding, insuring the best results. Giclee varnished applied to canvas will also have at least 12 hours to dry before being stretched to prevent/prolong the chance of cracking at the folds. Most prints will be shipped within 24-48 hours with Canvas, and prints with Giclee varnish or over laminate shipped usually within 2-4 days. You want your prints to last a lifetime, doing it right is the key.

Material and Conduct

All material posted, uploaded, shared, or copied to the DreamStormPrints website must be within your legal rights to do so. The persons adding material to the DreamStormPrints website shall have any and all release forms needed for each and every image. Release forms and validation of ownership of an image must be provided if requested for any reason before printing may proceed. If you are unsure about your rights contact the artist/model/agency/law department associated with the image and check with copyright laws.

Any of the following actions shall result in the cancellation of your account on the DreamStormPrints website as well as any service we may provide. In addition your account will be blocked from accessing the DreamStormPrints website, material posted or uploaded to the site shall be deleted and any or all parts of an order not fulfilled may be terminated.

-Misleading or false information provided by you, or anyone with access to your account in the attempt to hide your identity, falsify your age, or provide information which you do not have the rights to disclose;

-Posting, uploading, sharing, copying, requesting printing of any content that is unlawful, threatening, harassing, harmful, obscene, defamatory, or an invasion of another person's privacy;

- Child pornography, child exploitation, sexual conduct or the depiction of sexual conduct involving minors as well as any other content that is protected by either State or Federal Laws;

- Any and all actions which are either unintentionally or intentionally designed to disrupt, limit functionality, or interfering with the site, networks or servers connected to the site;

-Any attempts (successful or not) to access material of another user, the site, or associate of the site that is not within the general public areas within the site;

-Using the services provided by DreamStormPrints for the purpose of making images or content available for viewing to the general public.

Adult Content

We uphold your right for expressing your artistic vision. Nude, implied nudes, boudoir, and artistic prints maybe printed with our services. In addition to modeling releases images which contain nudity tend to need verification of age(s) of the model(s) contained in part or whole within the image. Please be ready to provide this information if requested otherwise your order may in part or whole be cancelled or held.