Acrylic Facemounted Prints

Acylic facemounting prints are an amazing way to add pop and depth to your color prints. This is improved even more when paired with a metallic paper. Your prints will have a rich "Wet" look you and your customers will love. The thicker the acrylic the more amazing the images looks. We offer 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", 1" and 2" (special order). 1/8" and 1/4" inch are well suited for smaller images or images being placed in a frame. 1/2" and up allow for an impressive frameless presentation. We facemount our prints onto cast acrylic and never use extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic has superior optical clarity, higher resistance to crazing when exposed to solvents (DO NOT use windex to clean) and is more scratch resistant. All of our acrylic facemounted prints are backed with either a 3mm or 4mm E-panel aluminium composite sheet. Unlike Sintra the E-Panel is a very good cost effective replacement for the traditional Di-Bond. The difference is Di-Bond uses a 0.012" aluminium skins while E-Panel uses a 0.008" aluminium skin, both have a polyethylene Core. Where as Sintra boards are made from PVC plastic. For this application we see no difference in ability, so why pay more ?

Facemounted prints that are not backed can have greater issues over time:

* Image can be damaged since the back is exposed

* Over time with changes to humidity, and temperature the image can peal up around the edges.

Facemounted images do not come with a premounted hanging system so they can be used in frames without interferring. Ask us about mounting options

Only semi-glossy and glossy paper types are available for Acrylic facemounting.

Pearl, Luster, or Semi-gloss Paper

Epson Premium Luster

A cost effective semi-gloss paper. Epson calls it their "highest performing photo paper". It is a Resin coated paper which mimics a photograph's look and feel.

Ilford Smooth Pearl

Very wide colour gamut, great thickness, very smooth surface, and amazing archivel ability. Pearl finish gives the look and feel of a traditional photograph.

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Pearl

Hands down one of the most beautiful papers we have ever seen. Although a pearl finish, this paper does not have the traditional photographic "plastic" look. Rather the perfect merge between a fine art paper and a photographic image. This paper is acid free with no optical brighteners resulting in amazing archival ability.

Glossy Paper

Epson Premium Glossy

The highest gloss-level paper made by epson. Provides extreme sharpness and clarity and is "A favorite among nature and landscape photographers.."

Ilford Smooth Glossy

This paper produces superb clarity, high sharpness and has an excellent colour gamut. The 12mil thickness and 310gsm give this paper a great feel. As with most Ilford papers the archival ability is amazing (over 200 years, based on conditions). This paper is our "Top Pick" for Baryta based gloss paper due to its rich look and archivel ability.

Ilford Gold Silk Fiber

Claimed to have a "Silk" surface, this paper uses a true baryta layer. "The media creates high definition images with an extended tonal range and excellent archival properties making it a must for exhibition quality prints. The Baryta based papers offer a replacement for the traditional Baryta papers from analog laboratories."

Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Baryta

This Baryta paper has a very wide color gamut, higher Dmax, and amazing image sharpness. It is acid free and has no optical brighteners with good archival ability.

Metallic Paper

DigiPro Silver Metallic

A new kind of inkjet photo paper giving a unique metallic surface finish, similar to halide metallic photo paper. This pearlescent finish can create vivid colors that "pop" making your print stand out. Ideal for acrylic facemounted prints and our "Top Pick"

We will be bringing in additional metallic papers soon!