Canvas Prints provide a unique and artistic way of displaying your photography and artwork. Canvas prints can be provided to you as a straight print, museum wrapped, or gallery wrapped. All stretched canvas prints come with hanging wire installed.

A straight print will need some kind of backing (hard board,etc) or stretched by you for displaying. This does give the artist the ability to "stretch" the canvas over non traditional backing, and shapes.

Musem wrapped has the canvas streched over strecher bars while keeping the printed area within the outter dimensions of the stretcher bars. Since the sides are white this print is suitable to be placed inside a frame.

Gallery wraps have the printed area of the image wrapped around the sides of the stretcher bars. No frame is needed for this kind of wrapping. Since the image does wrap around the sides a 3D like effect can be achived.

It is recommended to select the giclee varnish finish to seal and protect the canvas prints. It will also reduce the chance of the image cracking at the streched edges and folds over time.

Canvas Options


A matte finish made from 100% cotton canvas. Good colour gamut with a mild textured surface. This 22 mil thick canvas shows good shadow detail and a very reasonable price.

Breathing Color Lyve

Bright whites , great color gamut, and 19mil thick. One of the best looking canvas prints I have seen. Using no optical brighteners and acid free this canvas is archival certified for 100+ years (based on conditions).

More Canvas Options Coming Soon !!