Mounting or sometimes called backing adds alternative ways to displaying your works of art or photography. We provide Gator board, ultra board, aluminium composite, and will be offering a hard board mounting soon. Any of these mounting types can be applied to our photo prints. For acylic and canvas prints please go to their specific links.

Mounting Options

Gator Board

The tried and true method for mounting images. Gator board is a extruded polystyrene foam bound by two layers of very sturdy resin-impregnated wood fiber . Very low in weight but stiff and dent resistant perfect for mounting images. We offer thicknesses in 3/16", 1/2" and 1". The board is typically in white and images are mounting to the edge.

Ultra Board

The alternative to Gator Board !! Like Gator Board, Ultra Board has a rigid polystyrene foam core but is sandwitched between two layers of smooth , moisture resistant sheets of solid polystyrene. A great cost effective alternative to Gator Board and is available in 3/16", 1/2", 1" and now 2". Ultra board does have a small chance of bowing if placed in a location where one side of the board is heated differently then the other, i.e. a windows that can be heated from the sun. Thicker boards will lessen this chance of warping.

NOTE: We do NOT offer foam board for mounting images! Foam board is glorified card board and is almost impossible to keep flat surface. Foam board should only be used on projects that have zero or very low life expectancy, and thus not in the spirit or goal of this company.

E-Panel - Aluminium Composite

This in the past was done with a wonderful material called Di-Bond. Aluminium composite sheets have about the same regidity as a solid sheet of aluminium with a fraction of the weight. Di-Bond has a polyethylene core in between two sheets of 0.012" aluminium. The makers of Di_Bond have come out with a version with 0.008" aluminium sheets and have called it E-Panel. It has much the same strenth as Di-Bond but is more suited for the size of photographic prints. We offer two thickness 3mm, and 4mm.